Commonly-asked Questions about Qs Online Learning System


Q1. How can I access Qs Online School?

A: Please go to the Qs Online School website 

   Use your student ID as username together with your password to log in. Immediately change your password by clicking on “Change Password” on the upper-right corner of the webpage. If you did not get a student ID at the time of registration, check your email for it.

  Click on “Test” to access online homework, or on “Learning Task” to access video lessons and homework answers.

Q2. Can I access Qs Online School on my iPad?

A: Qs Online School is accessible on your PC, iMac or laptop, but NOT on your iPad or mobile phone. Besides, you are recommended to use Google Chrome or Safari as your browser.

Q3. Which year levels have supplementary online tests?

A: L4 and L7 have one supplementary online test every week. L5 and L6 have 2 supplementary online tests every week.

Q4. How can I review homework answers online?

A: For a registered Years 2-10 student, you may go to your learning tasks first and then select a plan named end with “answers”. Press “go” and uses the buttons in the bottom of the page to review the answers of different modules.

Q5. Which year levels have video lessons?

A: We have Maths/GA/English videos for L3, Maths/GA/English/Writing videos for L4, L5 and L6, and EQ videos for all Empower and Elite students.

Q6. How can I watch online videos?

A: Go to your individual homepage of Qs online school and click on “Learning Tasks” on left hand side. Then you can see the answers and video packages for your year level.

online course

For example, if press 2017T1L2 English Sat AM and click on “Go”. You can watch the video now. Move the mouse pointer to “More Videos” button below the TV icon on the upper-left corner to watch videos of different modules.

Q7. How can I review my test results and reports?

A:  Press “tests” and then “test results” on the top-right corner.  

 Tick one test and press on “test review” on upper-right corner.

 Tick one test and press on “test reports” now, and you can see the report for this test.

Q8. How can I review mock test and term test results?

A: Press on “Test” from homepage and click on test results. Find out the test results named including “mock” or “term”.

Q9. Can I download video or test from Qs online school?

A: No downloading or printing is permitted for any Qs online video or test.

Q10. I cannot open online answer files, what do I need to do?

A: Click this icon       

          Change the flash settings into "Allow"

Apple(Mac) users please read the instructions in the following link.

Reload the page

Q11. What can I do if I forget my password for online school?

A:Please click on “forget the password” on login page, enter your username(student ID)and email for registration. click on "continue" and a link will be sent to your email. Please open the link and reset your password.

video instruction for common problems. 

Hint 1: How to watch online videos and review homework answers

Hint 2: How to do online test, review test results and reports


You also can watch, please open this link: online video instructions 

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