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Online Qs school Group provides additional support to aid students' learning. It is also an independent learning platform that includes the followings:

● Online review classes for English, Math, Grammar, Reading and Writing, General Ability, and EQ classes.

  Online seminars, for example, seminars with information about scholarships, or how to nurture children' key abilities.

● Online student management system. This provides both students and parents with a tool to monitor each individual's progress in their studies.  It is also an effective tool to analyse each student's strengths and weaknesses, therefore making it possible to provide detailed and personalized study plans.

● Online library to provide rich resources as a knowledge base.

● Online Qs School Community. This is a place where parents can share their experiences, learning from their frustrations, joys, and growing together. We can travel much faster and further in the parenting journey when we team up together, to find a path through the unknown years ahead. Please join us today.

● In the future we will provide real time online classes, broadcasting our top teachers' classes.

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