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EMpower Course is a special design weekly course for Year 2 to Year 5 students. Empower courses provide systemically training to enhance students’ academic capabilities which are essential for their daily studies and their scholarship exams. It includes Math, Reading Comprehension, Writing and expression, reasoning and problem solving, and application of existing knowledge. Each term, the students are tested in all four subjects and provided with a detailed report which focuses on knowledge points, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. During term, students can also log on to the Online School and review the lessons.  Every question in each module is clearly explained by tutors, providing helpful reinforcement of class EQ components include self-motivation and self-driving in studies, discipline power, confidence building, communication and school interview mindset preparations, etc.


Elite course is a weekly class that design for Year 6- Year 10 students preparing for Scholarships, Selective Schools and also for high – achieving students wishing to maintain outstanding academic results in their ongoing studies; Elite course provides advanced and full scale learning in Math, English, Writing, Vocabulary, General Ability and Problem Solving Ability.  EQ components include self-motivation and self-direction in studies, increased discipline, confidence building, communication skills and school interview mindset preparation. This course can help students to achieve their personal best in year 9 entrance tests for selective schools and year 9 scholarship exams for independent schools.


QS VCE Course is a weekly class special designed from Y11-Y12 students, taught by experienced VCE specialists who are trained to address each subject’s key learning criteria. The intensive learning program will improve students’ VCE performance by:

                 ·        Access to our exclusive study notes
                 ·        Flexible teaching schedules based on feedback
                 ·        Advance exam techniques with hundreds of questions
                 ·        Assistance on examination tricks, common student pitfalls and errors
                 ·        Open, “ask question” teaching environment
                 ·        Efficient time-management


Trial Test Course is a weekly class to provide trial tests in math, General Ability, Vocabulary, as well as English Reading and Writing. Our experienced teachers explain the answers and provide constructive feedback to students regarding their core abilities and core knowledge. It also teaches students valuable skills, including: Exam time management, how to deal with difficult questions, and practical techniques. This class  is usually beneficial for improving  students’ confidence in taking exams under realistic exam conditions.


Special writing class is run by specialist teachers who use unique & effective teaching materials and effective approaches to raise students’ interests and passion for writing. This class helps students to improve their writing skills, and to activate their creative thinking power and writing talents. The inclusion of various writing styles and article requirements also help students to achieve their personal best in writing in all kinds of exam or test formats.


English as an Additional Language (EAL) is specially designed for students and adults who have recently arrived in Australia and who want to improve their English in a short time. Our course focuses on the intensive and systematic approach of learning a new language, therefore enabling students to improve their English in practice and activating the power of language.


Speech, Debate and Interview courses aim to develop students' skills and confidence in the areas of public speaking, debate, interviewing, quality writing speedy thinking critical thinking and creative performance.


Children's Leadership program Series Qs School special designed a series of Children Leadership program that aim to improve Children Leadership capability by a practical methods.

Qs Leadership program series 1:

·        Develop “Positive Attitude”

·        “Goal” Achievement

·        “Memorization” Technique

·        Maser “Time management”

·        Post Training – 5 week Acceleration

 QS Leadership Program series 2:

·        Power Presenting and interviewing

·        Confident Conflict Mastery

·        Intelligent Decision Making

·        Post Training – 5 week Acceleration