Who we are:

Qs School was founded by experts in the coaching & education industry with rich experience in the training of emotional intelligence and academic excellence. Its courses are comprehensive, integrated systems based on the tested and proven success over more than 10 years. 

We are a school that believe: 

● Every child is uniquely talented.

● Every child's potentials can be ignited with our passion, love and professional teaching.

● Every child can accelerate their personal achievements when learning is integrated with both academic and emotional intelligences.

● Every child can reach her best through passion, effort and joyful learning.

 Every child and their parents can learn and progress together, as it is never too late for a parent to start learning and never too hard for a child to conquer a challenge.

 Every child, when young, must nurture great habits and build strong characters, such as perseverance, confidence, resilience, getting-along, for a fulfilling and valuable bright future.

 Every child can become a happy high achiever when they develop their academic and emotional intelligences.  

Our vision

Our vision is to be a leading expert in nurturing future happy contributors and high achievers with compassion, academic excellence, emotional intelligence and joyful minds.


Our missions

Our mission is to empower younger generations to reach their fullest potential through our innovative integration of academic teaching with emotional intelligence training.


Our ethos

Excel through joyful learning 


Our unique strengths

Why we are unique:

● Our programs integrate emotional intelligence, as well as academic excellence.

● Our coaching incorporates the cultural essence and effective practises from the East & the West.

● Our teaching encourages students to put effort into their studies and to foster the love of learning.

Our strength:

● Parents value that our specially designed training assists children of various ages to discover their own potential, strive for their personal best, and at the same time find joy in learning and achieving in this encouraging Qs system.
● Parents value our focus on improving children's core abilities rather than focusing on test scores. This focus helps to develop their learning abilities, good habits, efficient study methods & solution focused thinking. This reflects in our results, with students achieving better study scores in their academic pursuits.
● Parents value that we are outstanding experts in coaching students to achieve their personal best in preparing for scholarship exams, selective school entrance tests and VCE.

● Parents value that we understand future trends and the growing demands for ever increasing capabilities in new generations. We provide students with holistic solutions to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow, by equipping them with highly developed qualities of intelligences and a joyful mind today. 

● Parents value that we embrace multiple-cultures at both philosophical and practical levels. We encourage parents and children to explore the cultural essence and effective practices from the east, as well as the west. This assists them not only to fit in the mainstream, but also to become valuable unique individuals who will prosper in Australian society.

● Parents value that we nurture children's ability & personal characters through the careful training of emotional intelligence and coaching in academic excellence, so that they can grow up to be competent happy contributors and high flyers needed to pioneer the micro-electronics age in 20 years’ time.


Leadership team

Ms Yan Chen, Co-founder of Qs School Group

Ms Yan Chen has a Bachelor degree in Chinese language and cultural education, and a Master degree in Business. She has been working both in the education  and finance industries.  Her work experience includes: teaching at Monash University for six years, teaching at RMIT University for three years, as well as the diversified experience as the head of the Asian market at an investment Bank.

She has a decade of experience in the field of coaching with a unique vision and ability in managing coaching schools. She has greatly contributed to the development of many well-known coaching schools with her passion and experience in academic excellence that assists students to deliver outstanding results.

She also has an in-depth understanding in coaching young people in career development. Her curriculum focuses on approaching study through multiple angles and multiple styles. This incorporates cyber teaching as well as traditional classroom modes. She has provided systematic and personalized professional coaching to students at a primary level, secondary level, during their VCE, as well as preparing young working people in planning for further education. Her focus is on building student's capacities for personal growth, especially in helping students to reach their potential to achieve significant academic and life goals.

Her interests and focuses on education include: how to consistently build new habits for growth; how to work with students to build better mindsets and develop their intelligences together; how to absorb leading concepts and methods in the international education industry; and how to blend Chinese and Western cultures together. She published two books "Family education - the Western and Eastern parenting methods" and "From A to C  -  to experience Australia's happy education".


Kevin Guo, Co-founder of QsSchool Group

Kevin worked in one of the top 500 international companies for nearly 20 years and has a wealth of management experience in Australia. Notably, he  led his technical team to deliver a number of major projects in the competitive IT industry in Australia and global markets. This was by overseeing risk control, quality management, corporate strategy and development of core competencies of his staff. He offers rich knowledge and experiences in recruitment, talent pool development, professional development, quality management and leadership building. 

With his in-depth experience in  global IT trends and development, Kevin has been working with his team to deliver the market leading program of QS Online School to provide enriched education resources for parents and students to achieve their learning goals.

Kevin also understands both Western and Eastern cultures in business environment and corporate management very well, and has accumulated years of experiences and expertise in nurturing young professionals to progress in their career paths.  Kevin is an accomplished Life Coach, which is a perfect addition to the school's coaching programs.


Teacher's resources

Our teachers are a team of highly qualified professionals. They are passionate about teaching. They are kind, responsible and caring. They have very strong communication and classroom management skills. They are experienced and knowledgeable. They are passionate about helping every child to experience the joys of achieving their personal bests, through caring professional guidance and teaching in the classroom.

Many of them were day school principals,  lead teachers /coordinators or senior teachers in private schools. Some of our teachers are well known in the Victorian extra-curricular coaching industry.

As a snapshot to get to know our teaching team, read on for their teaching philosophies in their own words, as well as some advice to parents.

Teacher Ulrike Tlozek:

"Teaching children has been such a major part of my life; it is where my passion lies. To help children grow in knowledge and see their confidence develop is extremely rewarding. I really enjoy working with your child and sharing their learning journey with you. All children are curious and inquisitive and it is part of the joy of teaching when you can open up the world to them and help them understand how the world works.

With your support, your child can only improve and grow in strength and knowledge. By encouraging them to keep reading, participate fully in class and complete their homework tasks, you will be providing them with a firm foundation for their learning, confidence and broadening their choices for the future.

Always be supportive of their efforts. They try so hard in class and are willing learners. Let’s capitalize on that to make them the best they can be.

I look forward to working alongside you and your child.

Please contact me if you have any queries or concerns. I am always a little early at McKinnon and can be found either in the office or in the classroom. I look forward to meeting you."

Teacher Janice:

"I am a firm believer in the brain being able to change according to the stimulus it is presented with. An IQ is a number at a specific time in a child's life. It is not static. It changes in relation to the challenge and engagement of the learner. Therefore I am a believer in looking at the very best in my students. If they are struggling, I will help them by finding out what their hurdle is. For grade two students it is nearly always an automatic response. They don't know their tables. They can't equate simple sums such as 12  - 9. These answers need to be automatic. If they are using their fingers or counters they are still in the concrete stage(needing to see, rather than knowing the answer). Daily practise is the key!!

I have been an educator for over forty years. The time has passed very quickly as I chose a career I was passionate about. I have taught grades prep to eight. The last few years have been spent in principal class, where I have worked as a mentor and provided seminars to other teachers.

I want to engage with you as a parent and act as a partner in helping your child to achieve their best. I need to know when they are having problems (The maths can be very challenging). With time the children gradually fall into a good routine and engage in the lessons more positively. Please approach me if you have any concerns or would like a chat about your child's performance.

I am always very happy to meet my students' family as I do believe that working as a team has the best possible outcome!!"

Dr. Anusha Sritharan:

"The point of teaching is not to throw information at students but rather to assist them in comprehending new knowledge and allow them to become self-directed in furthering their understanding of the subject. I believe in working with the students and making sure that I am fulfilling my role as an educator. I want my students to view me more as a guide than as a dictator. My objectives in the classroom include assisting the students to become better problem-solvers. I want them to understand that there are often many methods, and sometimes many solutions to solving one question. The students should, at the end of my courses, be able to sift through massive amounts of information and choose what is most important. Writing is an important means of communication regardless of the field students enter, so in many of my courses I would like to work to enhance these skills. I want my students to appreciate the idea of lifelong learning and leave my courses understanding that learning does not begin and end in the classroom. I want them to realise that there is nothing more important than learning, and that learning is not contained only within textbooks."

Teacher Ilse Tlozek:

"Learning is fun and exciting, and through my teaching I hope to instill feelings of happiness and success in the students. I believe in creating a positive and fun teaching environment, but also encouraging children to practice and build their concentration and focus skills to achieve outcomes. Throughout all my social work there has been components of teaching and training, as it is critical to teach children and families life skills to enable them to live successful, positive and happy lives. I am passionate about engaging children and young people in education and thrive in work settings where I am able to give children an opportunity to learn, grow and develop their minds. I believe it is critical for children to understand the importance of their education at a young age, and therefore be enthusiastic about their learning journey, setting them up for exciting and rewarding future careers and societal participation.

I also believe that parents play an integral role in their child’s educational journey. Here, I would like to encourage you as parents to participate in their learning experience through positive reinforcement, guidance and support where needed, and regular encouragement. Children are eager and enthusiastic learners, curious about the world and furthering their knowledge. Through the encouragement and support of your child to study hard, concentrate and participate in class, and complete homework activities, you will see positive results daily by your child, as well as a happy child who is confident and proud of their success.

I look forward to continuing to teach your child and watch them grow in knowledge as they continue their learning journey."

Results & feedbacks

Bravo! Congratulations to the great results and achievements of our parents and their kids! Read on their own words of genuine feedbacks:


 "It has improved me as an entire person! The actual test, however, was not the part that stressed me, it was the interview. My interviews proved to be successful due to the guidance and help from Ms. Chen. Her careful analysis of my learning progress throughout the past year has helped me enhance my strengths and mend my mistakes, which have drastically improved my thinking ability, communication skill and interview performance. "

---Student S, 2014 Scotch and Melbourne Grammar Scholarship Winner

"Thanks for such an insightful interview coaching!"

--- student Luo,  2013 Scotch College 100% Scholarship winner and also obtained scholarship offers from two other well know independent schools

"As an old Chinese wisdom says,‘The best of teaching is to reason with him to find his purposes of life. The next is to offer benefits to raise his interest. The next is to lecture him as an authority. The next is strictly to supervise and to force him to learn. The worst teaching is to turn this learning into a conflict. ' Although my child Q has only been in Australia for less than four years, he was very lucky to find Teacher Yan Chen when he was preparing for his scholarship exams. Teacher Chen is such a teacher who wants to know him, wants to understand him, wants to care about him and who step by step reasons with and guides him to the goal of achieving a scholarship."

-- Mother of Qin 2013 Scotch College 75% Scholarship winner and also obtained scholarship offers from two other well know independent schools

"I was a typical student that had little chance in receiving scholarship. But the supportive teachers lifted my spirit, they encouraged me to try the best and helped me to get the best outcomes."

--Student Z,  2013, five scholarship offers from independent schools  

"Thank You Teacher Chen Yan! Thank you so much for encouraging me. I really appreciate your kindness, patience and teaching skills. Thank you for helping me be the best I can be and to be more confident and I really proud of what I have achieved."

– love from D. D,   2013 PLC scholarship winner

"Ms Chen,
Thank you for your inspirational workshop today on Qs school. As a parent I have been attending many parenting courses and your program is one of a kind. For a long time, I have been searching for a personal development program that involves both parents and children. Finally, I have found Qs school with two inspirational founders.
I share your passion and truly believe the future of our generation starts today and requires full commitment from parents, children, educational system and society at large. However, any great changes  begins on the grass root level - the family.
I am so excited and feel so privilege to participate in your program. I look forward in learning from the both of you with great enthusiasm and commitment.
With deepest gratitude and respect."

- by a parent A. T.